Monday, June 8, 2009

A little trip to Mari's and Muniellos

At the last minute we are taking a trip to Muniellos and a bed and breakfast run by a wonderful lady named Mari. Muniellos is a natural reserve in Asturias (northern Spain) that you have to have a reservation to visit. We've been trying for three years to go, and finally we've made it work. Mari lives in a small town nearby and cooks the most delicious food, most of which is fresh from her garden and the nearby farms. The best cheese, eggs, butter and anything else you can think of is there. Naturally, I'm very excited because I love all of those things.

The picture above is taken from our trip to Mari's last year when we were trying to leave and the road was blocked by a few local inhabitants out for a stroll. I hope we will see them again on this trip. Hopefully, Zach will take lots of pictures that will pop up here on our blog after we return. Hooray!

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