Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yes we are!

We were inspired recently to write this blog and consequently, here it is.  As I write this first post I am watching a bullfight in El Escorial, Spain. I hope that my friends and family will enjoy this blog and I hope that Zach and I will continue to post our personal current events, or our thoughts on whatever random minutiae floats into our minds. To date our plans are as follows: we are now in El Escorial staying with my mom (Sofia) enjoying her hospitality, particularly the food. In July we will go to the Czech Republic to obtain our TEFL certifications in a three week program. We are returning to Spain for several weeks and will be flying to San Francisco on August 17th to get the Kia (my car) with all of our stuff inside, as well as the Sebring to drive to Memphis. We will stop with friends and family along the way, provided they don't mind :-). While in Memphis, I will hopefully have an awesome, well-paying job while I pursue my secondary-education license and Zach will pursue his m.f.a.. Whoa, and that's the short short version. More later, besos! 

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